June 8th is World Oceans Day. Not only is it one of the most important days of the year for us as a brand, it also serves to remind us that healthy oceans are key to our survival. They provide most of our oxygen, they are a rich source of food and medicine and are a critical part of the biosphere. As such, the most important mission of our time is to keep the oceans clean and healthy.

The oceans and their biodiversity are in crisis due to increasing pollution (plastic and chemical), unsustainable fishing practices, rising temperatures and acidification. This year more than ever, it is crucial to stand up and protect the oceans.

The oceans are the inspiration behind One Ocean Beauty. Our formulas use the powerful benefits of marine actives, so it’s only right that we give back to help protect and restore the oceans. We partner with Oceana, the largest global organization protecting the world’s oceans and the Surfrider Foundation. We committed $250,000 to Oceana, not as a percentage of sales or profit, but as a fixed cost, so we can be completely transparent about our donation. Not only do we contribute financially, but at many different grass roots levels.

We recently took part in Hands Across the Sand at Rockaway Beach, joining hands on the beach to protest against off-shore drilling and show solidarity with Oceana, Surfrider plus many other ocean groups around the world.

On June 7th, One Ocean Beauty attended talks at the UN. We joined scientists, academics, documentary film makers, community leaders and change-makers to explore the relationship with our beautiful and vital ocean and to find ways to protect and restore it for future generations.

On World Oceans Day itself, the team will be taking part in the New York March for the Ocean to draw attention to the crisis. We believe that everyday should be World Oceans Day and that, if we all make the right choices, as individuals we can make a difference.

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