Directing Change to Save the Blue Whale

An extraordinary woman making waves and a documentary about changes that humans need to make to save the blue whale. See full article below.


By Kelly Teacher

"The Great Whale" tells the story of Michael Fishbach, a dedicated whale conservationist trying to save the future of the largest animal ever to exist on Earth, the blue whale. With an estimated 10,000 left in our oceans, Michael is lobbying shipping companies and governments to amend ship lanes that have proven to be deadly to blue whales, making it impossible for this endangered species to thrive.

The story takes place in Northern Patagonia, Southern California, and Sri Lanka. Each location is home to a large blue whale population as well as to cargo or cruise ships that cross blue whale feeding grounds. These particular shipping lanes have lead to ships striking blue whales and killing them. "The Great Whale" recently filmed a young female blue whale washed up on shore in California, not even old enough to produce her own offspring. Living upwards of 90 years, each death in the blue whale population feels devastating.

Michael's journey is riddled with corporate interests and backroom conversations. But it is also filled with dedicated scientists and normal people striving to make the world a better place for future generations. If successful, Michael’s work will serve as a model for other global retailers and governments – and lead to uninterrupted whale feeding, mating, and migration.

This story seeks to not only to educate the public about a specific issue, but also evoke empathy and stir hope in a human story about activism. “The Great Whale” portrays a regular man pushed to activism from his passion for the blue whale and his dreams for the world his children will inherit.

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