One Ocean Beauty

One Ocean Beauty is a committed partner to Oceana, contributing to the preservation and restoration of the ocean. Oceana is the largest global, science-based, organization working with governments to change policies and protect the oceans. Each One Ocean Beauty product purchased helps us to take care of our most vital resource, the oceans.

What We Achieved in 2020

Protected 500 square miles of deep-sea coral habitat in the Gulf of Mexico and 140,000 square miles of living seafloor habitat off the U.S. West Coast.

Won a federal court ruling to stop the U.S. government from granting permits to allow dangerous and deadly seismic airgun usage in the Atlantic Ocean.

New York State banned styrofoam plastic food and beverage containers.

"One Ocean Beauty’s support of Oceana is visionary and remarkable. They are making a commitment to Oceana based on their values and desire to make a real change happen for our oceans. Their commitment is long term, not tied to a % of sales but built into the operating structure of their company. This represents a new corporate model. They are true ocean heroes."


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