Article courtesy of goop, Photo courtesy of Tahnei Roy

At One Ocean Beauty, we're all about the oceans. We harness the extraordinary power of marine ingredients from around the world in all of our formulations. We grow these marine actives in the lab through blue biotechnology, vs harvesting, so we never disturb the ocean environment or biodiversity. We are excited to share this article recently published by goop which discusses the many benefits of marine plants and microorganisms.

When asked, “What’s your happy place?” many of us have the same answer: the beach. But science tells us that there is another reason to celebrate (and preserve) the sea and the life within it. Between the firming and glowifying power of marine collagen, the wide array of minerals that benefit skin, and the nutrients in ocean plants like seaweed, kelp, algae, and phytoplankton, the sea is one of the greatest sources of skin-friendly ingredients, and many of them work both inside and out. So have a seaweed salad, salmon, and a marine-collagen supplement drink for dinner, then follow it with creams and serums packed with sea nutrients for a powerful, 360-degree approach to skin care.

Even in severe ocean environments, certain marine plants are especially adept at protecting themselves against UV radiation and pollution, making them ideal ingredients for skin care. Many seaweeds have high levels of antioxidants and essential minerals, while different types of algae contain peptides that support cell renewal and increased elastin. And both fish oils and plankton extracts can be high in essential fatty acids and omegas that not only hydrate but also help skin retain moisture (a huge win for those who are on the dry side or worried about wrinkles and lack of firmness).


Replenishing Deep Sea MoisturizerThe new, 100 percent clean and nontoxic brand One Ocean uses cutting-edge “blue biotechnology” to infuse marine extracts into skin-care products. The Replenishing Deep Sea Moisturizer is packed with algae, peptides, and seaweed extract to hydrate, promote elasticity, and soothe and brighten skin. And even with its feathery-light texture, Antarctic-derived marine actives deliver a cryoprotective benefit, potentially eliminating the need to switch to a heavier cream when the weather gets colder. Equally appealing, the brand partners with Oceana, one of the world’s biggest conservation and advocacy organizations, to help protect the world’s oceans. One Ocean is also zero-waste, with 100 percent recyclable packaging.

Source: goop