One Ocean Beauty interviews Lyndie Benson, Founder & Designer of Bleusalt, a sustainable clothing company based in one of our favorite places on earth, Malibu, California.

One Ocean x Lyndi 

Q.  Tell us about Bleusalt and your company vision.

A. Bleusalt was created out of a need for luxurious basics. I love the look and feel of cashmere but wanted something less precious and more practical and cost-effective as well as something you could wash and dry without the dry cleaner hassle and cost. I didn’t want to sacrifice the luxury and quality of a beautiful outfit and it works beautifully whether it’s for a bonfire or heading out to dinner. I wanted it to be able to translate to anything you want to do in your life, giving you an elevated look without compromising your style.

Q. As an ocean brand, we love your company name. What was the inspiration behind it?

A. ‘Bleu’ is the color of the Ocean and of course, there is also ‘Salt’ but the USA had to be there, so we called it BLEU the French way so we can have the USA in the center. BLE-USA-LT

Q. What does luxury mean to you?

A. Luxury to me is about feeling spoiled and being wrapped in Bleusalt makes me feel just that.

Q. Sustainability and minimal impact are an important part of the Bleusalt message, How did that come about and why? 

A. Because I live that way in my real life and my values are the same for Bleusalt.

Q. We’ve read that some of your fabrics are made from beechwood, can you explain this process?

A. ALL of our products are made from the same material which is knit from the fibers of the Beechtree. Beechtree forests rejuvenate by a process called propagation. No need to plant, in other words, there is zero artificial irrigation or planting involved. Our fabric partner is TENCEL USA and they have a process of making fibers from woodchips that is environmentally sound, which is not the case with other people making the same product. They are the ONLY ones who do it consciously.

One Ocean x Lyndi

Q. What have been the greatest challenges in your quest for sustainability?

A. It’s just a choice; no challenge. Just to care about it and make it something you do. I honestly do not think there is any other challenge different than doing something NON sustainably.

Q. You’re working towards zero-waste. Can you explain what that means for the company?

A. It means that we don’t waste anything if we can help it, we are very conscious about it and really try to minimize whenever we can. If you didn’t need to protect the clothing with something, I wouldn’t even have a bag inside the box! But….the bag can be reused; the card and paper inside are for information and shipping. We try and use all our remnants for our gift bags, packaging, etc.

Q. The company gives back to Sculpt the Future Foundation. Why did you choose this particular non-profit and what impact are they aiming at for the future?

A. They are all about NO PLASTIC and especially eliminating the single-use plastics that are literally ruining our OCEANS. We just sent them a very nice donation from all Bleusalt customers who also care about what they are buying A LOT! It’s amazing to see. I am so happy we are able to be a conscious brand with values that align with my own. No need to compromise. Sustainable luxury is a choice.