In case you missed it, we're all about the oceans and One Ocean Beauty is the official beauty & wellness partner of Oceana, the largest global, science-based organization working with governments to change policies and protect our oceans. We committed a flat fee of $250,000 (not a percentage of sales or profits) to help them.

Every purchase you make with us helps this mission. Here’s what you did in 2019. Thank you!

It’s because of you that Oceana continues to win victories for our oceans year after year, and 2019 was no different. From passing one of the world’s strongest laws against illegal fishing in Chile to prohibiting offshore drilling off the coast of New York to banning the trade of shark fins in Canada, it’s because of your generosity that we’re able to work with them to deliver real results that make a difference.

The stakes are high for our oceans in 2020. Please consider joining our Referral Program this year. When your friend purchases from One Ocean Beauty, they'll get 20% off and we'll make an extra $10 donation to Oceana on your behalf

Help save our oceans and spread the love!