How To Apply Eye Cream Correctly: Tips & Guidelines

Life can be tiring. Between working 9-5, trying to leave time for the gym, making a healthy dinner, and doing miscellaneous housework, it’s no wonder adults have such a hard time getting the recommended amount of sleep.

Among other things, lack of sleep can cause those unsightly dark circles and bags under our eyes. They can make us look and feel much older than we actually are.

No matter how much sleep you get each night, eye circles are a prominent byproduct of aging. Luckily, there are topical solutions that can help to eliminate the appearance of these skin blemishes quickly and easily. Here’s a guide for how to get the most out of your topical eye cream.

What Causes Dark Circles?

Dark circles aren’t normally a serious medical problem, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating. Discoloration under the eye might be caused by an external factor, or it might even just appear discolored because of shadows cast by puffy eyelids or hollows under the eyes.


Perhaps one of the most common causes of dark circles is a lack of sleep. Even undersleeping one time might be enough to produce some darker coloration underneath the eyeball. When sleep deprived, the skin might become dull and pale, allowing dark tissues and blood vessels to show more prominently.


Skin becomes thinner with age as you lose the fat and collagen necessary to maintain skin elasticity and thickness. Dark blood vessels might become more visible underneath the skin as this occurs, leading to the appearance of eyebags as a byproduct of old age.


If you suffer from pollen allergies or are experiencing an allergic reaction, you might experience puffiness or dark circles. This is because when you have a reaction, your body releases histamines that can make your eyes appear puffy.

This can also make them feel itchy and uncomfortable, which may lead to further irritation upon scratching and rubbing.

Eye Strain

If you work in an office or spend a lot of time looking at computers, phones, and televisions throughout the day, this might lead to more pronounced eye circles. When eyes are strained, it can cause blood vessels around the eyelids to enlarge, which might result in the surrounding skin appearing darkened.

How Do Eye Creams Work?

The main goal of topical eye creams is to reduce the appearance of dark circles and restore vitality to the skin underneath the eyes. Certain chemical substances are able to achieve this effect.

One ingredient found in most under-eye creams is known as hyaluronic acid. This is a key molecule involved in skin moisture, as it has a unique capacity in retaining water. Decrease in hyaluronic acid plays a role in skin aging, so maintaining healthy amounts can help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes.

A natural compound that can be used in certain eye creams is biofermented exopolysaccharide. This is isolated from brown kelp off the coast of France and helps to stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis to replenish the skin, recovering volume and elasticity. It also visibly improves the area and volume of fine lines and wrinkles.

High performance hexapeptides are also useful in targeting wrinkle formation at a molecular level naturally and non-invasively. These provide significant reduction in the appearance of expression wrinkles as well as reducing dark circles around the eyes.

Eye creams also work to help thicken and firm the skin to prevent future problems related to sagging or puffiness.

How To Apply Eye Cream

Taking care of your skin is easy, and it might seem self-explanatory when it comes to applying eye cream. However, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to get the most out of your product.

Consistency Is Key

Your eye cream will likely work quickly, giving you results after just a few uses. However, it is important to use it regularly so that you are able to keep dark circles at bay even if you forget to apply every now and again.

Use eye cream in the morning and at night every single day. Morning application will remove any dark circles that might have formed as you slept, and your evening application will help prevent puffiness while you sleep.

Be Gentle

Unlike a facial cleanser that requires a bit of pressure and quick motion, be gentle and calm when it comes to applying eye cream. Apply a small amount of cream to two or three fingers, using little pressure to rub in the cream to the affected area with a slow, circular motion.

Also, be sure that you’re not actually getting the cream into your eyes. If this occurs, use a damp cloth to wash off any excess lotion and then splash some cool water into the affected eye to rinse it out. 

Less Is More

Your undereyes are a small area, so you don’t need to use too much cream to get the job done. Coat your undereyes just enough so that you can tell the cream has covered the entire affected area. A thin layer allows the product to dry more quickly while also giving you more uses out of your serum.

Making the Most of Your Eye Cream

Using eye cream on its own will work wonders for your skin, but there are some other things to keep in mind in order to experience its benefits to the fullest.


Catching up on sleep and setting a sleep schedule will help to reduce inflammation and thinning that often occurs as a byproduct of not resting.

Setting a sleep schedule and sticking to it will allow your body’s circadian rhythm to adjust, letting you get a better night’s rest every single night. When you persistently get the right amount of sleep on a daily basis, your dark circles might just disappear.

You can also try to change up the way you are sleeping as well. The normal way that you sleep might be causing some extra fluid build-up around your eyes, so you can try propping yourself up with a few pillows to prevent it from pooling underneath your eyes.

Moisturize and Cleanse

Despite doing wonders for your eyes, it is important to incorporate eye creams as a part of a holistic cleansing routine. Keeping your entire face clean and rejuvenated might help to alleviate eye bags on their own.

Low collagen production can lead to signs of aging, such as dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. Using supplements, creams, and cleansers that replenish the body’s natural collagen levels are important for reducing these physical blemishes and keeping your skin looking its best.

Use Sustainable Ingredients

Some eye creams use harsh chemicals that are tested on animals and produced in facilities that negatively impact the environment. These unethical products may not be as effective as facial creams that are made with natural ingredients from cruelty-free facilities.

The cosmetic industry in America is generally safe, but it has come under fire in recent years due to a fresh round of health and safety risks. Namely, researchers have discovered asbestos in certain hair, skin, and nail care products, as well as harmful chemicals in some of the largest cosmetic brands across the nation.

The Food and Drug Administration’s response to these issues has been incomplete, so it is important to purchase skincare regimens from sources that are transparent about their ingredients and ethical in their production.

Products that come from cruelty-free facilities, use natural ingredients, and utilize sustainable means of production are often the most trustworthy cosmetic brands to choose from.

In Conclusion

Eye bags and dark circles are common annoyances that can affect everyone. Lack of sleep, aging, eye strain, and genetics are a few reasons why some people might have more pronounced discoloration than others.

Eye creams are a great way to reduce the appearance of these circles, and they use hyaluronic acid to restore moisture to the affected area. This ingredient, combined with natural and sustainable inclusions are effective in treating and preventing unsightly puffiness around the eye.

When applying topicals around the eye, be gentle, consistent, and conservative in the amount that you use. Couple eye cream usage with good sleep and cleansers for a holistic approach to  your wellbeing.

Finally, ensure that your skincare products are made with sustainable ingredients, like the products right here at One Ocean Beauty. This can give you confidence both inside and out.



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