How does marine collagen improve your skin?

Almost 80% of our skin is made up of collagen! Collagen keeps our skin looking healthy, supple and smooth, but our natural levels deplete with age. Lower collagen levels causes skin to look less youthful, less radiant and fine lines and wrinkles slowly appear. There is good news though! Collagen supplements like ours work in harmony with your skin’s collagen production to keep your skin looking its best.

But why is marine collagen better?

Like the name suggests, marine collagen peptides come from fish, and they are the most easily absorbed type of collagen available. Unlike bovine collagen (which is derived from cows) marine collagen contains a high amount of Type 1 collagen which is well known for its skin-boosting properties. Marine collagen is easily absorbed into the body via miniscule protein particles which are thought to be at least one and a half times more digestible and soluble than bovine collagen. So marine collagen skincare benefits are not only better, they happen faster too!

How will marine collagen improve my skin? 

Marine collagen helps to…

…plump and firm skin

It’s known as the ‘collagen glow’ – because boosting your Type 1 collagen levels helps your skin look plumper and more luminous. Marine collagen even helps your skin cells renew and repair themselves so fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother and softer.

…strengthen and protect the skin’s natural barrier

Marine collagen is rich in antioxidants which help to protect your skin from the detrimental environmental aggressors you meet in everyday life like UV rays from the sun and pollution in the air. A stronger skin barrier helps to soothe sensitive skin and reduce inflammation too.

…minimise pigmentation, age spots and scarring

Marine collagen is packed with glycine, an amino acid that not only helps to boost skin’s hydration it also brightens the complexion and helps to repair damaged, hyper-pigmentated skin and minimize dark spots too.

…improve gut health

Gut health and skin health are intrinsically linked as when your gut is healthy and properly absorbing nutrients, your skin looks healthier and brighter.

…improve the health of hair and nails too

Marine collagen can really help to improve the health of your hair and nails as well as your skin.

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