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I have always thought that I looked better and felt better when I was at the beach. What I didn’t know though is that a profound change actually does happen when we are near water. The book Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols actually takes you through how you change both neurologically and physiologically when you are by the ocean.

My longstanding love affair with the ocean helped to inspire our beauty brand, One Ocean. Additionally, in beauty I’ve always felt like there are too many choices. I don’t want to spend all my time testing skin creams or serums - I wanted to have the one product that’s quick, that works, then move on to other things.

This led me on a personal search of what was going on in the beauty industry. What I found was that there are two sides of the spectrum: Natural products that aren’t necessarily natural at all (and if they are natural, they don’t usually have active ingredients that create results), and the second being high technology products with high levels of active ingredients that are very dirty.

There’s clean, and then there’s clean. One Ocean’s high technology products not only work, but they’re actually non-toxic, clean, natural…the list of buzz words goes on. And unlike so many beauty brands, we can actually use all of them. 

One Ocean Beauty is clean, centered around astonishing marine ingredients, doesn’t make your head hurt (I.e. one product that actually works, not ten versions of one), and also does good for the oceans. Our socially aware, cruelty free products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the good we plan to do for your complexion, your health and your oceans. Why? Because there’s one ocean. There’s also one you.



Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.
–Marcella Cacci, Founder & CEO